by Brian Klotzman June 19, 2016


We’ve all seen the 1000’s of 30 day running challenges on Pinterest and Facebook, but how many of us have actually done anything with them…besides share the post so people will think we are running.

Since I actually want people to experience the joy (yes I said joy) of running, I figured we needed to do something a little bit different with our running challenge.    We want to build a team where we can all encourage each other to actually complete the challenge.

Yes of course we will provide you with the daily steps to take and they will be tailored for different skill sets.   

  • Is this your first time getting off the couch?   No problem, there will be a plan for you.
  • Run a 5K before and want to head for a half marathon?   There’s a challenge option for you.
  • Have a decent base but want to improve your performance?    Got you covered.
  • Are you crazy and think you can be ready to run a full marathon in the next 30 days?   It’s here too.

Of course regardless of which challenge you pick, you’ll be joining a community of like minded runners and joggers ;) all supporting each other in our triumphs and helping to push through any bumps in the road.

And it’s all FREE so there should be no excuses :) 

The 30 Day Running Challenge starts soon so sign up now!

30 Day Running Challenge


Brian Klotzman
Brian Klotzman

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