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Those of you who have been with me awhile know that I tend to listen to podcasts when I run.   And because I'm an old school nerd...they tend to be things like Dan Carlin's Hardcore History or Come and Take It (an awesome Texas history podcast).   But there are times when even I need music :)

Of course you can go with Pandora or take the time to make your own playlist...but you can also just grab one from youtube, so I thought I'd take a moment to review a few running music playlists.

Running Music Motivation Playlist 2018

This playlist is by Pi Running Music and last about 45 minutes.   It features remixed and sped up versions of a lot of popular songs...well popular for the kids these days :)   In most cases your only get a quick hit of a song before its on to the next one.   Got to be honest though...I liked it and probably could get in a decent run listening to this.

Run To The Beat Cardio Mix (160 BPM)

This one is by Workout Music Source and REALLY like that it has a consistent beat the entire time.   Makes it much easier to hold a consistent pace.   Like our first selection its got a lot of remixed versions of popular songs, but it tends to stay on songs longer and just for me anyway, they're songs I know better.

Music for Running - 1 hour of relaxing songs for your run and your fitness 

This one is by Your Relaxing Channel...and I'm sorry but I just have to say "no".   This isn't even good for a slow walk.   I could probably study to it back in my college days though.

Fast Running Music

This is another one by Pi Running Music.   The description says "Running Playlist: 10 mixed Songs Faster Than Anything on the Radio Right Now"...and they mean it.   These songs are sped up big time.   Honestly I got a bit of headache from this one.  But depending on your needs for a particular run, this could be a good one.

Ok hope this was helpful or at least a little bit fun.

Your turn....

what do you listen to on your run?   

Let me know below!

Brian Klotzman
Brian Klotzman

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