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When it comes to losing weight, running is one of the most effective ways to shed those excess pounds. You will find yourself feeling the mental benefits along with the physical advantages that come with it. Plenty of runners swear by the convenience of using this method to reach their goals in the battle of the bulge.

Getting out there for a good run is not just going to help you lose that extra weight. Though, it will keep unwanted pounds from developing in the first place. Those are just a few of the benefits that come with running for weight loss.

Here are some more reasons why running for weight loss is the smart choice.

Running Burns Calories Quicker

Weight LossIf you are looking to shed those pounds fast, running is your best bet for burning calories. In fact, it’s better than just about any of the other aerobic alternatives. Hitting the gym for an hour of working out with just weights can burn an average of 300 calories.

Spending that same hour running can expend twice as many calories. Plus, doing it while you're on a treadmill at a faster pace could burn upwards of 800 calories. Compare that to working out on a Stairmaster or a stationary bike. Running wins out every time. However, keep in mind that your rate of weight loss may vary.

You Don't Need to Hit the Gym

The gym is still a great way to lose those excess pounds. Yet, it is not always the most convenient way to get in shape. That gives you all the reason in the world to make excuses for not going.

When you decide to go running, there isn't any commuting involved. You get started right when you walk out the door. All you need to do to get a run in that day is to step outside. It's also a great alternative for anyone who feels uncomfortable working out surrounded by strangers.

Running can be done by yourself or you can bring someone along if you wish. It is entirely up to you. This type of freedom makes running a much more attractive option for losing weight.

Burn Energy Longer

Running burns calories best. This is not just during your run but afterward, as well. It actually brings about more stimulation for expending calories while at rest, than most exercise routines with lower intensity.

That's because your body is still burning out that energy even after you've finished running. It remains the most effective way of expending calories during a rest period, post-exercise. Walking is still a good way to get active. However, if you are serious about shedding those pounds, running can exponentially increase the percentage of calories burned and weight lost.

The Feeling You Get After

Everyone swears by a "runner's high" you feel after a particularly great session. Not everyone understands exactly how it works. It's all about the endocannabinoids. They are chemicals in the brain that induce a feeling. It is similar to the blissful, ecstatic feeling you might get from morphine or a similar influence.

Running can trigger these endorphins. It increases their occurrence in the brain so you feel fantastic once the run is finished. This natural high can be a strong motivator to help you get in shape because it can make running a pleasurable experience.

It's Easy to Get Started

Forget about buying a ton of accessories and equipment to go running. All you need is a good pair of running shoes. That's it. Now you're ready to get out there and establish a routine. Best of all, you can keep that same routine whether you're home or away.

Change up your route on occasion, if you wish. Once you have the shoes, you are ready to go. That does not mean you will not start buying all of the accessories once you get hooked. There are plenty of toys and devices to choose from that can help you monitor your progress.

You may even want to buy multiple pairs of shoes to be worn at different times. For example, buy three pairs. Use one pair for training, another pair for running 5K's and 10K's, and the third pair for those longer distances.

Mbio Staff
Mbio Staff

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