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Having good, comfortable running gear makes running more enjoyable.

Any seasoned runner will tell you that it's a worthwhile investment to find the right combination of clothes and accessories that work for you.

But if you're new to running, there's a lot to consider.

In fact, you may still be stymied by the thought of running in general, forget the clothes and accessories.

Researching the best pair of shoes is not really what you want to focus on when you first start running. You want a good idea of where to start and something that will make the experience enjoyable right away.

Whether you're a beginner in need of tips or have some experience with running, this article will help you.

We'll take a look at the best running gear, including running shoes, clothes, tech accessories, and more

The goal? To equip you with the info you need to make running enjoyable.

You can also check out the recommendations from other runners in our Mbio Runner's Club.

Running Shoes

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned runner, the most important piece of gear you'll want to invest in is your shoes.

Why? Well, each runner has a unique experience. Some people trail run, while some people run on the pavement. You'll want a pair of shoes that fits your needs and will hold up.

Opting for a cheap pair of running shoes will lead to disappointment and frequent mini-investments in new pairs. It pays to invest in the right pair of shoes.

Cheap running shoes are cheap for a reason- they don't hold up for a long time.

A good pair of running shoes, on the other hand, should last anywhere from 300-500 miles. Depending on your goals, that could be several months to a year!

Important For New Runners

If you're new to running, this article may seem a bit overwhelming. It is true that runners love their gear and there are a lot of options to choose from.

However, if all this information is making you not want to start, here's some good advice:

Start with just a good pair of running shoes.

While having good running clothes and other running gear will be useful to you, it's not useful at all if you never start. These accessories will aid in your running journey but aren't necessary on day one.

A good pair of shoes will make the experience more comfortable and will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed as you start running more often.

Running Clothes

This section is broken down further into subcategories like shirts, pants, socks, sunglasses, and "ladies only" apparel:

Running Shirts

Your shirt choice will mostly depend on weather (see below for ideas about cold weather running), but you can also

There's really only one rule you want to follow with running shirts- don't wear cotton. Cotton t-shirts may be comfortable around the house, but they don't keep you cool and stay wet once you start sweating.

Instead, opt for technical fabrics made from Nylon. Some good brands include Dri-Fit and Climalite. These fabrics will cost a lot if you buy certain brands like Nike, but can also be purchased more affordably online like in our store.   We have dry sport clothing in four styles:

Another common problem with poorly designed running clothes (not just shirts) is that they can lead to chafing.

This article offers a simple solution: buy loosely fitting running gear.

Running Tights/Shorts

You may not opt for a pair of short running shorts from day one, but it's still important to have good material on your legs.

A good pair of running shorts will be incredibly light, made of breathable fabric, and likely have a mesh lining on the inside to prevent chafing.

You should also consider the "perks" that come with nicer pairs of shorts, such as zip-up pockets for your keys, ID, or for running gels. Not only does this come in handy, but if you're a trail runner, it could also be considered an investment in your safety.

There are not a ton of good running pants options on the market. Instead, many seasoned runners opt to use running tights. Most can be worn by themselves or with a good pair of running shorts over the top.

Running Socks

Remember how I said shoes are important? Well, so are socks. If you're serious about putting in some miles each week, you will quickly find that bad socks lead to uncomfortable ailings like blisters.

A good pair of running socks wicks away moisture to prevent blisters. They are thin enough to breathe but durable enough to move inside the running shoe without causing you discomfort.

You can usually find running socks cheaper if you buy them in bulk.


Sunglasses are a good bet whether you run on trails or roads. Unless you like to run in the dark, you're sure to find routes and times of days for your runs where the sun beams right into your eyes.

Runners should find a pair with gripped earpieces so they hold firm during your workout.

A good pair of sunglasses will make the running experience better and won't break the bank.

You can get an inexpensive pair of running shades that hold up for less than $15.

For Women

Not really something to consider for you guys, but women should also invest in a few good sports bras made of strong, breathable material like a good running shirt.

This will help you avoid back problems and discomfort while you run.

Cold Weather Running Gear

Running in the northern states? Planning to sign up for an early spring 5K? Well, you'll need to also consider some of the cold weather running gear options available.

At a minimum, you'll probably want a nice running fleece jacket, a good set of running gloves, and some extra thick socks so your toes don't freeze.

Most of the rules apply for this gear: breathable, lightweight material is good. Obviously, it won't be the lightest running gear you own as its goal is to keep you warm, but you even a few ounces can make a huge difference in how comfortable you feel while on the trail or road.

Tech Accessories for Running

While these options may be a commodity for many runners, having a few nice tech options can really set runners up for success long-term.

Logging mileage, using apps, and having a social environment or community online can keep you motivated to make running a part of your life.

Sports Watch

If there's one tech option you were going to splurge on, this is what you should go with- a good sports watch.

Especially if you're just getting started, you may not need a GPS tracking watch or anything super expensive.

While some high-tech watches log your miles, elevation, and heart rate, you may only want something to track your times.

But it's good to have something other than a cell phone (which can feel bulky in your pocket or uncomfortable in your hand) to have with you while out on your runs.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $300 for a watch, so your options are really open.

Heart Rate Monitor

Do you need a heart rate monitor to stay fit or start running? No, you don't. But if you're motivated by progress and like tracking data, it might be a good incentive for you to get on the

A good heart rate monitor is like a running coach- it knows your history, your mileage, your pace, and how far you've come.

If you're new to running, maybe start with a cheap one or wait until you need to give someone a present idea. But you can reap the benefits of the accountability and data tracking a heart rate monitor brings if you get one.


Some people love running with music, while others prefer to run to the sound of nature or to the muzak of their own thoughts. Which boat are you in?

If you do prefer music while you run, find a pair of headphones that fits comfortably and doesn't bounce around.

Many of the best pairs on the market aren't designed for exercise. You want something that stays in your ear even after getting wet.

Running Gear Wrap-Up

The truth is, a good running gear will make the running experience more enjoyable.

If you are serious about getting into the sport, it's best to make the investment in the right set of shoes, clothes, and other gear that will allow you to succeed and reach your long-term goals.

While it is true that some of this stuff is expensive and shopping can be overwhelming, start small.

In fact, a good pair of shoes is probably you need to get started. From there, focus on getting the right pair of socks, shorts, and shirts, and you're good to go. Later on in your journey, you can consider fancy tech options.

If you're ready to do some shopping, take a look at these products. Or maybe, just bookmark it for later when someone asks where you'd like a gift card to. For more of our blog posts, click here.

Whatever you do, don't worry too much about your gear. Just get out there and start running. Enjoy!

Mbio Staff
Mbio Staff

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