by Brian Klotzman November 06, 2016


That's right its time for me to start officially getting ready for the 2017 Boston Marathon.   As I mentioned to those of you in the Running Challenge Facebook Group, I'm once again running Boston for an amazing charity (more on that later).    

I recently came across another running blog called Jess Runs ATL where she posts updates of her training for (in this case) the Richmond Marathon and honestly I thought it was a great idea so I'm going to follow suit.   Plus she has a link up with another great blog (The Right Fits) that I thought y'all might enjoy.  

Over the next 23 weeks, I'll be providing everyone with a behind the scenes look at both how my training is going, but also a peak into Mbio Apparel's operations and my life in general.

Now given my choice to get ready for a marathon, I like to follow a 18 week program, so with 23 to go, its a little early to start it so for this month I'm going to go with our 30 Day running challenge's Intermediate program which will be a nice warmup into the full training cycle. did week one go?


Tuesday: 1 mile @ 9:28 pace.  This was a fun run...just got out there and did it in my favorite pair of Vibrams! Tuesday's Run
Wednesday's Run Wednesday: 2 miles @ 9:26 pace.  I don't know the music was just right today. I usually run to podcasts, but today it was Pandora on a "running" station and I felt I rocked it.
Thursday: 3 miles @ 11:01 pace.  I wasn't really feeling it today.   Had to walk a lot of mile 2.  It was crazy humid outside and I just wasn't into it.    But the 3 miles got done and that's what counts. Thursday's Run
Friday's Run Friday: 3 miles @ 11:34 pace.  Ugg...same thing. Still really humid and ended up walking much of mile 2.
Saturday: Rest.  I was supposed to run 3 miles again today.   But after the past two days, I was feeling I might be better off with a rest I was running all over the place with the kids having dance, soccer, and Tae Kwon Do all at the same time (makes it difficult when only my wife and I can drive).
Sunday's Run Sunday: 3 miles @ 10:19 pace.  Taking Sat off was a good idea! Today should have been the rest day, but I got in Sat's 3 miles. Much better run as you can see with a full minute faster pace over the previous 3 milers


Ok so that's where we are at.    This coming week's plan looks like this:

4 m run 3 m run 1 mile run 3 m pace 3 m run 4 m run Rest


So I'll check back in with you next Sunday.   Of course our regular blog content will still be coming on Tuesday as normal.

Have a great week and let me know in the comments how your training is coming!

2017 Boston Marathon

Brian Klotzman
Brian Klotzman

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