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Thinking of participating in the Color Run this year and need some Color Run tips?

The Color Run is an exciting 5K event that has hosted 6 million people and takes place in over 35 different countries. It's the longest running series to date. Read on to learn all about it.

What Is the Color Run?

The Color Run is a for-profit company that holds 5K events throughout the year. The defining characteristic of the Color Run is getting covered with color throughout the run. Runners of all experiences who participate in this untimed event are sprayed with colored cornstarch at each mile marker and the big festival at the finish line. In the end, you look like a running rainbow!

Its upbeat, unicorn-colored atmosphere makes it a fun, family-friendly experience that is more focused on making memories than clocking your running miles.

At the end of the race, there's a Finish Festival with dancing, music, and a spectacular color throwing show. It's another chance to drench yourself in color, revel in the community, and walk away having the happiest run of your life.

History of The Color Run

The Color Run began in 2012 and successfully solidified itself as the first Color 5K or Color Dash. The tagline of the Color Run is the ''Happiest 5K On The Planet."

The Color Run is for everyone, runner or walker, athlete or hobby runner, first-time runners or experienced runners, adults, and children. You can train for this 5K or come merely for the fun of it. The Color Run is an excellent way to get a taste of a 5K if you've never participated in a 5K before.

Unlike other 5ks, with medals at the finish line and monitored run times, the Color Run aims to focus on only having fun together, ignoring medals and times, and encourages you to run for whatever reason you desire, whether it be for charity, lifestyle changes, or just because you want to.

The Color Run also partners with local and national charities. Since 2012 they've donated over 5 million dollars.

Healthy Living

The Color Run inspires people to continue to learn about a live a healthier lifestyle. On their blog, they promote fitness tips, inspiration, wellness, and recipes.

If you're looking to begin a 5K but need an extra nudge or tip, their website offers advice on how to stay healthy, what foods to eat, and other various wellness topics.

If you're curious about how a Color Run functions or pictures of what to expect, their blog can show you that, too.

Training For A 5K

Remember, the idea behind the Color Run is individuality, health, and happiness and there's no reason to push yourself to finish this run at a specific time.

Although, if that's your goal, more power to you!

If you're a first-time 5K runner, here are some tips to keep in mind when training:

  • Purchase a good pair of running shoes
  • Be aware of areas of your body that may be prone to injury, knees, ankles or other weaknesses
  • Train slowly, especially if you're new to running
  • Wear seamless socks to avoid blisters and wick away moisture
  • Warm up to prevent injury and increase flexibility
  • Being training with a walk/run for 20-30 minutes 3 times a week
  • Pay attention to your breathing while running; if you're gasping for air, you're pushing too hard
  • Walk an extra five minutes after your run as a cool down
  • Be sure to stretch those muscles after running
  • Pay attention to proper form

These tips merely scratch the surface of the ropes of 5K training and running, as there's much more to learn.

10 Color Run Tips

While the Color Run is about creating memories and having a great time, you don't want those memories to be tarnished by not being adequately prepared.

To get the most fun out of your race, follow these 10 Color Run tips.

1. Bring Sunglasses And A Bandana

Though flying colored cornstarch is fun, it's a potential eye hazard. Wear sunglass to avoid irritation in your eyes and if you want to protect your mouth, tie a bandana around your face (not over your eyes!).

If you don't want to get completely covered in color, run in the middle of the road, so you miss the bulk of the color sprays.

2. Keep Your Cellphone Safe

Taking selfies and group photos at the color run can make for some magnificent pictures and Instagram-worthy posts.

But all that pretty dust can destroy your phone. Store your phone in a plastic baggie for extra protection, and pull it out when you're ready to snap that perfect selfie.

3. Pack Extra Clothes And Wipes

Chances are, even if you try hard to dodge the more massive doses of color, you'll probably get sprinkled a bit!

At the end of the race, the staff offers to help you clean off, but if you don't want to ride home caked in color, pack an extra set of clothes for changing and wipes for cleaning off excess color.

It's possible the color may not clean up neatly right away. A couple of showers may be needed to get completely color-free.

4. Wear White Clothes

Your Color Run outfit should be comfortable running clothes that are white. The purpose of the Color Run is to get as colorful as possible, and white shows how much color you've collected at the end of the run.

Colored cornstarch may come out in the wash or it may not. So, it's best to wear something you don't mind getting stained.

If you're wondering what else to wear at the Color Run, runners often add wacky and colorful accessories to their running attire, like tutus, colorful knee socks, sweatbands, and the like. Don't be afraid to bust out your creativity at the Color Run.

5. Seat Covers

If you don't mind being covered in color, but want to protect your car seats, take along some towels to cover your seat, especially if you have cloth seats in your car.

Remember, colored cornstarch can stain, so make sure the towels you use to cover your seat are older, or you don't mind the towels staining.

Throw your towels and colored clothes in the washing machine together when you get home.

6. Arrive Early

Thousands of people register for the Color Run, so arriving early is vital.

If possible, pick up your registration kit the day before. Doing so saves you time the day of the race, otherwise, you'll be in for a lengthy wait

7. Bring a Buddy or Your Family Members

Don't go to the Color Run alone! Runs are better with friends and family! Children are even allowed, too, and can receive their registration kit for themselves complete with Color Run goodies.

Ask a friend to participate in the Color Run, or having them on the sidelines to high-five you or cheer you on is just as good!

8. Take a Before And After Photo

You will get doused in yellows, blues, and pinks during the color run! Taking a before and after photo shows you how colorful you got, and provides you with great memorabilia.

9. Have A Meeting Place

Having a designated meeting place is helpful when you're running with an adult buddy, but essential if your kids are participating.

Before the run, make sure they're familiar with the setting if they get lost. Choose a meeting place they'll remember. Review your plan with them several times

Go over your information together - your name, phone number, and who to look for - should they get separated from you during the race.

10. Create Your Shirt

After all the fun is said and done, you can create your own Color Run memorabilia by preserving your color-coated running shirt.

Here's what you do. Do not wash your shirt after the run. Instead, spray it down with vinegar until it's thoroughly wet and lay it in the sun until to dry.

Throw the shirt in the dryer to allow the color to set, and now you have your own unique Color Run shirt!

I Want to be Splattered With Color! Where Do I Sign Up?

The Color Run holds events from January through November.

The best way to find out when and if there's an event in your area is to visit the website. Here, you'll gain more information on your event and the kits available for purchase with your registration.

You can pay for registration online and have your kit shipped to you. Having your package shipped can save you time on the day of the run.

Sometimes, registration is not open, and you can join a waitlist for your city, or sign up to be emailed when registration does become available.


The Color Run is an extravagant, all around fun run, that people of any age and any fitness level can attend.

The primary thing to remember at the Color Run is not to stress and have fun!

So before you race (or walk) through clouds of colorful cornstarch, use the Color Run tips above to help make your experience at the Color Run even more memorable and exciting, no matter the reason you're there.

Ready to train for that 5K or shop for Color Run gear? Visit us today to shop and learn more about all things running or sign up for our 30-Day Running Challenge.

Mbio Staff
Mbio Staff

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