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If your New Year's resolution was to exercise more but you haven't made good on it, don't worry -- you're not alone. Fortunately, it's not too late to get back on track. If you're looking for an exercise regimen that is good for you, why not try running?

Research shows that a whopping 64 million individuals in the United States went running or jogging back in 2016.

People choose to take up running for many different reasons. If you need some motivation, here's a rundown of 12 reasons why running is good for you.

Let's get started!

1. Running Is Good for You If You Want to Stay Fit

You, of course, know you can easily burn calories while running. But the icing on the cake is that you continue to burn calories even after you've taken off your running shoes.

It's a phenomenon called "afterburn," and it's one of the most exciting things about working out -- kind of like receiving a paycheck while you're retired.

What's even more amazing about afterburn is you don't need to sprint like Usain Bolt to enjoy this benefit, either. As long as you're going a bit faster than what you'd consider an easy pace, and a bit slower than a marathon pace, afterburn can be a constant companion -- and your best friend.

2. Stay Sharper

Concerned about not staying sharp as you age? If you run, you don't have to lose your mental edge with age.

Research shows that exercising regularly can help to defeat the mental decline that comes with age, especially when it comes to functions such as working memory, switching and selective attention.

In fact, exercising regularly can improve judgment problems, thinking, language and memory dramatically in those who have suffered strokes.

So, the moral of the story is, the more you run, the more you'll keep your mind running at top speed, too.

3. Boost Your Brain

Research shows that going for a run regularly can lead to major cognitive gains for you.


Running enhances and activates your brain's neuron reserves, which play a central role in your brain's ability to learn.

In fact, when you run, you actually multiply these reserves -- something that doesn't happen as much with other types of resistance training that is high intensity.

On top of that, research has shown that running can increase your hippocampus's size. This is the part of your brain that is involved in learning and verbal memory.

Can you say #brainiac?

4. Stay Heart Healthy

Scientists have reported over and over again that running benefits your heart. That means reduced cardiovascular risk factors for you.

If you've never been a big running fan, this may be enough for you to experience a change of heart about it.

5. Improve Your Blood Pressure

Want your blood pressure to stay in a range that is considered healthy? Put on your running shoes, and get to steppin'.

Just 150 minutes of running each week will do the trick. That equates to around half an hour five times a week.

Considering that the average person spends about 50 minutes per day on Facebook-owned apps, now may be a good time to swap out some of your sedentary social media time for some healthier running time each day.

Trust us -- your body will thank you for it.

6. Stay Healthier in Other Ways

Running isn't just great for your heart and blood pressure -- it's great for your body in a slew of other ways. For instance, it can help to prevent stroke, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

When you run, no matter how slow you may feel you're going, you'll end up winning in the end.

7. Live Longer

Want to be around to enjoy your grandkids and even your great-grandkids longer?


Performing exercise, such as running, can easily add years to your life. And that's true whether you're a smoker, nonsmoker, cancer survivor or even someone with heart disease.

8. Be Happier

We all want to be happier. Of course, this may not be the easiest thing in a world where so many situations threaten to take your joy. But did you know that running may be the magic antidote?

When you run, you get a high -- a rush of endocannabinoids, or feel-good hormones -- that can come only with exercise. So, if you want to fight off stress, anxiety and depression, start moving!

9. Make Your Joints Stronger

Another reason running is good for you? It strengthens your joints.

Yes, some people believe that running is not good for your knees. And yes, they are incorrect.

Research indicates that running will increase your bone mass and can even help to stop the bone loss that comes with age. In other words, yes -- running is one of the best things you can do for your knees and other joints.

10. Prevent Cancer

Running may not necessarily cure cancer. However, scientists have proved that it may help to prevent it.

That's just another reason running is good for you.

And even if you already have cancer, don't worry -- running may help to boost your quality of life during your chemotherapy.

11. Make Friends

Running can certainly make you feel better about life in addition to making your body feel better.

But when you do it with friends, it can be even more personally rewarding.

So, look for a local running meetup group. It's an excellent way to build some new friendships and even find an accountability partner. And you can't have too many friends.

12. Reduce Financial Stress

Running won't just keep your body in tip-top shape; it'll also help you to keep your finances that way.

That's because, just like apples, running will keep the doctor away. The more active you are, the less likely you are to develop breast or colon cancer and other medical issues requiring treatment.

That ultimately means more money in your wallet -- and that, in turn, translates to less financial stress. You can't beat that.

How We Can Help

Remember that you don't need to run as though you're in the Olympics to enjoy all of the rewards that come with this form of exercise.

We make it easy for you to get into the game thanks to our free 30-day running challenge. And we offer a variety of apparel and accessories designed to take your runs to the next level.

Contact us to find out more about how our products and services can help you to stay healthy and happy this year and in the years to come.

Mbio Staff
Mbio Staff

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