by Brian Klotzman March 13, 2020


Earlier today, they announced that the 2020 Boston Marathon was going to be postponed.  I certainly agree it’s the sensible thing to do.  

With people coming in from all over the world for the race and thousands of spectators, the risk is just too high.

But I'm really glad they are only postponing the US's oldest continuously running marathon.   I have had the privilege to run this amazing race 4 times and while the whole race is a blast, that feeling you get when you turn on Boylston street cannot be matched.

Anyway, a good number of you are probably surprised to be reading this right now.   I mean I've fallen off the Earth right?  

I haven't posted to the blog, our Facebook page hasn't been posting, Pinterestis not updated and worst of all I haven't been active in the Mbio Runner's Facebook Group.   

Y'all are my people and I haven't been there.    Several of you have reached out; there have been posts in the group asking about me (even my mother called to say y'all were looking for me).

All I can say is I'm sorry about that.  

But allow me to pull back the curtain a bit and explain.   Mbio Apparel started with a little experiment to sell light up running belts on Amazon and it was working pretty good and I started to design our own line of performance running clothes (hence the Apparel part of the name).    The compression shorts we came up with were awesome!

For 100 reasons though (but mostly money), that part never really took off.   Hard to get to the scale to compete with the Under Armour and Nike's of the world :)

But I started our little running challenges and starting just making some goofy print on demand shirts and having fun with it. 

Since then Mbio's been more of an "expensive hobby" than a business.   

I found a way to do performance running shirts with my designs and that’s been fun.

Every now and again I'd get aggressive with it and both times it started to do well (i.e. get close to breakeven) some bigger company would come in and threaten us (me) with a lawsuit.    I'm pretty sure I would have won the first one...but that would have taken money I didn't have.

But it’s all good, I loved our "Mbio Runners" and I'd start over again.    

Heading into the Dallas Marathon this past year, my new running program was working GREAT, I was on pace to destroy my PR and in my head that would be the basis for re-launching the coaching service I had offered in the past.

Well...those of you who've been with me know what happened.   It was crazy hot, I got dehydrated and had a terrible showing (great first half though :))    

I considered it a failure.   

Which is stupid  

Any marathon finish is a victory.   It’s a marathon after all...there's a reason only 0.5% of Americans will ever do it.

Anyway after the initial few posts right after the marathon, I let myself go to a dark place...for Mbio, not life...nothing like that mom, I'm ok :)    As I said before Mbio Apparel has really just cost me a lot of money over the years and I thought it was time to shut it down.   

I even stopped running.

But oddly enough, this Corona Virus stuff has made me realize, we need this.   I need this.

Here’s the deal.   We're back.   I'm back.    I know for a lot of you the gyms are closed or will be closed soon.   But good news another great benefit of running is you can do it by yourself, you can do it outside and you don't need a lot of gear.

So I know it’s not much notice, but we've got to get moving.   A new challenge starts on Monday, so get your head ready and let’s do this.

If you're not already on the list, click here and get signed up (it’s still free).

Brian Klotzman
Brian Klotzman

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