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One of the secrets to a good, successful run is to keep a steady pace from start to finish. Whether you're building your running skills up as a beginner or you need something to help you reach that 10-mile mark, the right music can make all the difference.

Music with an upbeat, fast tempo keeps you going. The lyrics can encourage you to try your best and the beat can help you get lost in the music and better enjoy your run.

But the thing is, not all music is ideal for running. Thankfully, we've created a list of all the best running songs ever made from classic rock jams to iconic rap songs and everything in between.

Here are the top 15 songs you need to put on your running playlist.

(A quick note from Brian...its pretty clear that the contributor of this article and I have rather different music tastes :) but that being said this list certainly will get you moving.   I just wanted to give the heads up that some of these songs have language and themes not everyone will be comfortable consider yourself warned on that front)

1. Lose Yourself - Eminem

Lose Yourself is one of the top pump-up songs of all time, hands down. It doesn't matter if you're about to go for a run or you're getting ready for a big day, this song gets your mind in the right place to succeed.

Put this song on to help you get your run off to a good start or leave it somewhere in the middle of your playlist as an extra burst of energy. Whatever you do, don't leave it out of the mix. You can thank yourself for this addition later.

2. Homecoming - Kanye West

Although Eminem and Kanye have very different rap styles, they both have a well-deserved spot on this list. Homecoming is one of Kanye's better-known songs and for good reason.

This track is upbeat, fun, and carefree, which is perfect for when you're going for an outdoor run on a beautiful day and just want to enjoy yourself. Who knows, you may get so into this song that you end up running perfectly on pace with it!

3. Stronger - Kanye West

Stronger is the more intense Kanye song on this list. This is the running song you need when you have a goal you're working closer and closer toward. Whether you're trying to speed up your mile or rack up more miles on one run, "Stronger" will help you out every step of the way.

4. 99 Problems - Jay Z

While most people rave about Kanye's skills, you can't forget about the contributions that Jay Z has made to the hip-hop community. As far as running goes, one of his best tracks is "99 Problems."

This song is what you need when you want to leave everything on the running track or the treadmill. It makes you push beyond your limits and it's a pretty good celebration song for when you cross the finish line, too.

5. Remember the Name - Fort Minor

There may be no training song that has ever been more popular than "Remember the Name." This is a common song used by athletes of all kinds to get their head in the game and give their best effort.

It's full of high-energy beats that play to motivational lyrics. It makes you want to be the best in the game and to be a better athlete today than you were yesterday.

6. Nobody to Love - Sigma

Have you ever walked into a club and ended up dancing the whole night away? Electric music with high energy has a tendency to make you do that, which is why it's so great for running.

If you haven't tried listening to this genre while you run, check out "Nobody to Love" by Sigma. It's fast, encouraging, and all about having a good time. Don't be surprised if your pace picks up a bit when this song comes on.

7. Indian Summer - Jai Wolf

Up next on the electric running song suggestions is "Indian Summer" by Jai Wolf.

This song blew up when it was featured in a big-time TV commercial, and it's still a great go-to when going for a run. It's a song of mostly beats and not many words making it one of the best songs you can listen to if you like your running to be a time to think or clear your mind.

8. Obsession - Vice and Jon Bellion

This collaboration is a must-listen song whether you're out on a run or not. It brings together Jon Bellion's unique sound and good-time vibes with Vice's amazing beats.

The result? A song that will make you want to keep on running and running and running. You may like it so much you put it on more than once during your run. It works great to get you up and going when you're not as motivated to go running and to push during that final stretch, too.

9. Gold Steps - Neck Deep

Sometimes you just need to work through some things mentally while you're working out your body physically. Going for a run or hitting the gym is one of the smartest ways to let go of stressful or frustrating situations in your life. They won't solve your problems of course, but they help you see a situation for what it really is without getting all worked up about it.

When your mind is in that kind of place, the best thing you can listen to on a run is rock-or pop-punk or heavy metal or classic rock. If pop-punk music is your thing, listen to "Gold Steps" by Neck Deep.

The whole track is about overcoming obstacles and making the best of what you've got. In terms of running, it pushes you to keep going even if you feel like slowing down or stopping altogether.

10. Things I Can't Change - The Story So Far

If you've heard of the band Neck Deep, chances are you've heard of The Story So Far, too. Listen to "Things I Can't Change" the next time you go on a run.

The guitar and drum tempo will get you going from the moment the song starts and the singer's angst is actually easy to connect to if you already have an appreciation for this kind of music. It gives you a source of energy you may not have thought of tapping into before, turning the challenge ahead of you into motivation.

11. Right Where You Want Me to Be - A Day to Remember

Another great pop-punk song comes from one of the most well-known bands in this genre, A Day to Remember. They have many great running tracks to their name, but "Right Where You Want Me to Be" is arguably the best.

The song is fast-paced from the moment it starts and it doesn't slow down at any point. It makes you want to run a little bit faster than you just were and to prove yourself wrong about the limits you've set for yourself. You may not think a song can do all that, but give this a chance and just watch your perspective change as you run.

12. Ain't No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant

Pop-punk isn't exactly everyone's thing, but there are still some rock songs out there that are unavoidably amazing. "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" falls under that category.

It's a fun song with a bit of attitude and a nice beat to it, perfect for a quick workout or on a longer run. The lead singer's voice will carry you through a few minutes of your run as your feet fall to the beat of the music.

13. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Here's a song that pretty much everyone and their mother knows: "Eye of the Tiger." It's a classic rock song that makes you want to go for a run even when you're at the office or in your car. That's just how exciting it is!

The next time you need an extra push on your run, choose this song to help you.

14. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is right up there with the popularity of Survivor. As different as these two bands are, there's no mistaking how amazing their contributions to the music world were.

It's worth throwing things back a bit and listening to "Go Your Own Way" on your next run. The song is just catchy enough to loosen you up a bit and help you keep your pace, but without getting the lyrics stuck in your head all day.

15. Beautiful Day - U2

This final running song may come as a bit of a surprise, but don't knock it 'til you try it. It's the slowest song on the list, which can sound a little contradictory if you want to run fast.

Here's the thing: a song like "Beautiful Day" is actually great for getting your mind in a good place while you're on a run.

It doesn't push you too far the way a rap or a pop-punk song might, but it doesn't bore you or make you want to slow down, either. This song is ideal for the runners who just want to enjoy themselves and clear their mind, pace and mile time aside.

Find the Best Running Songs for You!

You can read about all the best running songs all you want, but there will always be a bit of a catch. You have to listen to your own personal music tastes in order to get the best results from the songs you listen to.

You won't be able to connect to every single option on this list, and you may not even understand why people listen to some of these genres at all. Just focus on finding the music that speaks to you and stick to it. You'll be surprised how much of a difference it makes on your runs.

For more running tips and tricks, click here.

Mbio Staff
Mbio Staff

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