by Brian Klotzman July 21, 2019


It’s been far too long since I’ve posted and I’m sorry about that.   These past couple of months have been a little insane between my kids activities, travel for work and the odd accident thrown in there too.

First off…my trip with my eldest daughter to go back-packing was amazing.   14 pairs of dads and daughters for a 10 day trip!  (did slip in a little 5K the first morning of the trip)

5K run

We hiked Mt Capulin in New Mexico to get us started then off to the Great Sand Dune National Park near Alamosa Colorado.    From there we went an did a quick hike at Monarch Pass which was pretty awesome as it was still covered in snow.

Then it was on to base camp for rock climbing, horse riding, ropes courses, whitewater rafting and the 3 day back-packing peak assent.

Here’s a pretty awesome shot of us at the peak!

We did it!

When we got back, my youngest was off to Chicago for the National Finals with her dance team.   Two of her dances got second place in their respective divisions and her solo won the Audience Choice award.

Oh...I did tease an odd accident…a cement truck hit my wife’s car.   Fortunately it’s just minor cuts and bruises for her and my oldest but even the insurance adjuster was surprised to see a car covered in concrete :)

As for running…

Today marks the end of week 3 of my marathon training.   Sorry I haven’t been posting my updates, but as you see it’s been a little crazy.   (Oh yeah I had to spend a week in Atlanta too for my “real job”)

Anyway I’m going to be a little more prescriptive now; many of you answered my survey about what you needed from me, so you’ll be seeing those videos/blog posts/training coming real soon.

Up next for me in week 4 (a recovery week)…

  • Tuesday will be a short base run
  • Wednesday will be hill sprints
  • Friday will be a Fartlek exercise
  • Sunday will be some base mileage

And of course, Tae Kwon Do wherever I can fit it.

I hope everyone has a great week and keep an eye out for my new training program coming soon…

Brian Klotzman
Brian Klotzman

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