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Mbio's 5K Accelerator Sneak Peek

Major Coaching Program Announcement

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time thinking about how I could really help everyone improve their running pace.

If you recall, I started thinking about this after your emails asking about the results I've had recently in my running and the results of our last survey said that so many of you were really interested in seeing how to improve your pace.   

Well, I’ve done it for me, and while I’m no runner god or anything, I’ve come up with a process that if you follow I'm confident will get you off and running faster and easier.

There is no reason for you to be stuck at your current pace.

Where I'm at with the "Mbio's 5K Accelerator" Coaching Program

I'm constantly reading and always trying to learn new things.  Earlier this year I read a few different books which really changed the way I thought about training.   I took what I saw in those studies, combined and created a new training program just for me.   

I wanted to try it out at the 5K distance and well...the results speak for themselves.

I've cut over 7 minutes off my 5K time and dropped my mile pace by 2:22!

But while I've hosted our running challenge and have coached a few individual runners, I've never coached a large group of people before.   The "Mbio's 5K Accelerator" coaching program isn't ready for a large public launch, but I think we can do a limited pre-launch program.

I want to try this out to ensure that the coaching program will work for everyone and that I have all the tools and technology in place to support it.

So I'm offering a limited pilot of 20 people to enroll in the "Mbio's 5K Accellerator" coaching program at a HUGE discount.

Of course here's the catch...

As members of this pilot class, I’ll need extra feedback from you. I’ll want lots of input on the content, how it’s delivered, what I need to spend more time on, or if there are problems with the technology (and of course bearing with me while I try to fix these things).

How Mbio's 5K Accelerator is going to work:

This will be an individualized group coaching program for 16 weeks.   

So what does that mean?

While everyone will be following the same basic structure and progression...each persons specific workouts will be tailored to where you are at and what you need.

I think the problem with most training plans is they are not specific to the person which is why you don't see the gains you could have.

So what do you get:

  • 16 Week Individualized Training Program
  • Training Program updated every 4 weeks based on your progress
  • Check in group calls with me, every 4 weeks
  • Weekly individual online progress check-ins

How Much Will This Cost?

The eventual price for the "Mbio's 5K Accelerator" will probably be somewhere in the $150 to $300 range, but this pilot class can enroll for only $77.

As part of the pilot class, I’ll want you involved with sending me questions whenever you have them, filling out some surveys, and serving in an advisory role…basically being a virtual “focus group” to help improve the program

And in exchange for this, you’ll get in for only $77

Registration to the pilot class of Mbio's 5K Accelerator coaching program is now available, but it won't be for long.

  • There are only 20 total spots available (and no, this isn't a public launch, but there are still a couple thousand people on this mailing list, so I expect it to fill up quickly)
  • Registration closes at midnight CST on Tuesday, so even if the 20 spots aren't filled by then (which would be a huge surprise), that's the deadline.

So if you’re interested, I wouldn’t waste any time – jump to the front of the line and sign up right now.

My 100% Money-Back No-Questions Asked Guarantee

I’ll make this really simple – if the program isn’t right for you, then I don’t want your money.

If at any time during the first three weeks in "Mbio's 5K Accelerator” training program you feel that it isn’t working for you, just send me an email and your tuition will be refunded, no questions asked.

I look forward to working with you in the program!


P.S. A word of advice – if you want this, you should move fast.    There are only 20 spots, and I’ve received more than 20 emails during the survey of people saying they wanted it.

Click here to sign up for only $77 right now

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