Natural Sole Deodorizer Sport Spray for Shoes & Feet

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Special features:
  • 100% NATURAL SHOE DEODORIZER – Our foot deodorant spray is safe to use on your feet or any kind of shoes.  Perfect for runners, cyclists, dancers or people with smelly feet, this natural formula will leave your feet feeling refreshed and your shoes smelling great
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our patent pending spray is Cruelty Free, GMO Free and made in the USA from the purest ingredients.   You won’t find any harsh chemicals in these bottles
  • SAFE AROUND KIDS AND PETS - Made of essential oils including peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus and rosemary. Hundreds of sprays in each 4 oz. bottle
  • COMPACT DESIGN – Athletes you can take our tough aluminum bottle with you in your gym bag and give your feet and shoes a quick disinfectant odor controlling spray after your workout

How to Use
How to use Natural Sole Foot & Shoe Sport Spray?
Shake can well before spraying.
Hold container 20 cm from feet or shoes.
For feet: Spray evenly on top, between toes and on soles. Gently massage into skin.
For shoes: Spray inside shoes or trainers for 2-3 seconds before and after wear. Wipe off any excess product from external shoe material prior to wearing.
For maximum results spray inside of shoes down well and leave overnight.
Use daily.

Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, orange oil, lemon oil, glycerin, vinegar, grape alcohol, rock salt and citric acetates (plant derived), natural preservatives.

Caution: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid spraying into your eyes as mild irritation may occur.

Customer Reviews

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Anna-Lisa W
Love the odor control spray!

It not only smells good, the deodorizing properties make my shoes smell great!!! Thank you!!

David Green
Works Great and Smells Great Too

I have always suffered with sweaty feet which means that my shoes can get quite aromatic after a day of walking around. I have tried the odor eater insoles the powder spray that you can use and they all seem to just cover up the smell temporarily and then usually ends up being more of a hassle than it is worth. What happens when powder gets wet it clumps. So I had decided no more powder sprays for me. I saw this natural shoe deodorizer spray by Mbio Apparel and wanted to give it a try. I like to fully test a product before giving a review so I will tell you that I have been using this product just under a month now and I am thrilled with it. It really works well. I give it a few sprays when I first take off my shoes in the evening and then I give it one more quick spray before putting my shoes back on. The scent of this spray is a mix of peppermint and tea tree oils. It says it also uses eucalyptus rosemary orange and lemon oils but I cannot really smell those. I use a lot of tea tree products and that is the smell I can pick up the most. Whatever the scent it smells good to me. It has done a phenomenal job keeping my shoes and feet smelling well over the course of the past month. The bottle is running a bit low from how much I have used it so I will be buying another bottle very soon. I received this shoe and foot deodorizer at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Nice natural shoe deodorizer.

I sprayed this into a few different kind of shoes I have but mostly on my slippers since I never wear socks with them they smell pretty badly. After using this and spraying it into my slippers just one time I noticed a difference after wearing them. Why I noticed a different after wearing them is because since I wear them with no socks they actually make my feet smell and after I sprayed them and waited a while and then wore them my feet did not smell as bad and as strong as before. This deodorizer is made from essential oils and does not contain any chemicals so you don't have to worry about it getting on your skin for an extended period of time. You can smell the peppermint essential oil in this the most and it is really strong. Note: I received this product at a discount in return for my honest unbiased review. I always look at reviews before buying anything on Amazon so I always leave honest reviews only. Press the "Yes" button below if this review was at all helpful to you.

P. Compton
Great product. Decent smell. Convenient!!!

If your house is like ours someone always has stinky feet! Most of the time at our house it's our youngest that has it the worst. ICK. We are an active household so it doesn't surprise me that we have a laundry room that smells so yucky. I've tried a lot of sprays to help combat the smell but nothing so far has seemed to work very well. The one we found that worked the best smelled terrible so nobody ever wanted to use it. I've bought different sprays from various companies but haven't found one I love yet. I really like the Natural Sole deodorizer spray. It's easy to use it's convenient and it doesn't smell horrible. I will say that I can totally smell the tea tree oil in it which I don't love. But it's not overpowering. It's a much more pleasant smell than the foot odor!! I have not tried this on our skin yet but we use it all the time in our shoes. I tend to spray everyone's shoes after we are all home (mostly because that's when the laundry room smells like feet!). The scent of the spray dissipates pretty quickly taking the icky stinky foot smell away with it. I forget to shake it up quite often and it still seems to work fine for me. I like that the bottle is small and easy to use. I put it in our 'sports' bag that we take to sporting events. That way when whomever is playing is done we can quickly spray their cleats before putting them in the car. I haven't tried this on football GEAR yet but I plan to. If you have a football player in the house you know how bad the pads can smell after a game. We use it on our regular tennis shoes my husbands work boots the kids' cleats dance shoes.....Just about anything!

Great product!

This product has made my shoe odor smell so much easier. I just spray a very small amount on my feet or shoe before slipping on my shoes and my feet are odor-free all day. My son is really active so I also let him use it to because there is absolutely no odor when he tale his shoe off where usually his feet would be sweaty and smelly. Best product out there for foot odor. I've turned many of my friends and family to it. I highly recommend this! I bought this product for a discount price in an exchange for a honest review.